Where Do You Get Pictures??

No Picture In This Post For Obvious Reasons!  Read more . . .

Just read this interesting article about using unauthorized pictures and the possible consequences of same.  Great post by Kim Castleberry, Pretty Pictures Could Send You To Jail will enlighten you about grabbing a great picture off Google that perfectly fits the blog post you are writing.  It explains that even though our blogs may not be that well read, we can still be found out.  Rea

d this excerpt:

Now any image can be drag-and-dropped into http://images.google.com and Google will tell you where all the matching copies are! (Hint: Your no longer “safe” just because your blog is crappy and doesn’t rank well.)

Try it . . . pretty spooky!

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Thanks, Kim Castleberry for this timely article that is so valuable to us all.  It could keep at least (me) one of us out of the slammer!