Webinar Learning moment . . .

Yesterday I attended a webinar – one of four this week. I’m learning to teach through webinars and attend any I can – no matter the subject – to get experience while learning about social media, WordPress and marketing. My hope is to learn all I
can, then teach my subject with my style. The mechanics of conducting these webinars are not as easy as they may seem when you’re attending. However, it must be seamless or attendees will leave in a flash. Webinar attendees are VERY demanding. 🙂

There are many webinar presenters I respect and one relatively new source for me is Courtney Engle. She has partnered with Kimberly Bohannan.  Kimberly and Ben Cope began  Go For Your Dream WordPress Training a platform to learn about WordPress and, I’m told constructed a fabulous Dream Theme using WordPress . I use WordPress and started listening to Kimberly and Ben about a year ago to learn how to handle my own websites. Very valuable information. Courtney was featured yesterday.  Courtney is fabulously self-educated (as we all are today) in social media and technology. Her presentation skills are very pleasing so learning from her is easy and a joy.

However during her first presentation as Social Mobile Local Marketing Pros lead presenter . . . the screen froze. Yes, hundreds of people listening to a recorded session and we simply stopped! Dead air time. How impossible was this ??? This had never happened before in my experience and I was totally mesmerized by the incident. How in the world would these two get
out of this situation? No one left!  I think we all were curious how it would end. It was like watching a train wreck and we couldn’t leave!

To summarize, Courtney and Kimberly were champs. They handled the situation the very best they could, made decisions off the cuff, were respectful of their audience and kept us there. Thursday they will reproduce the entire webinar and we’re all invited back for a do-over.   Email Kimberly for an invite and directions to join the replay at Social Mobile Local Marketing Pros or [email protected].

This will be my first do-over webinar! I learned so much from the way Kimberly and Courtney and Ben handled this horrible situation. What troopers, what professionals. I immediately went to their new website at SMLMP.com and became a Charter member of their tribe. I have much more to learn from these three individuals and can’t wait to continue my learning experience with them.

I can state that I learned more from the problem they experienced than I ever expected. What a bonus! Thanks Ladies – and Ben who helped fill the dead air time while Kimberly and Courtney struggled to fix the problem and continue the webinar on a timely basis.  Nothing they did solved the problem.  What I learned today was more valuable than the mechanics and details of the session. The capital they earned from handling this situation so well is more valuable to their listeners than they know. Congratulations! See you Thursday.

By the way . . . being a charter member I can say this with authority . . . the training videos Courtney produced are fabulous and extremely valuable. Great Job Courtney. Nice find with Courtney, Kimberly and Ben – Kudos.  Courtney is the real deal!