Update Your YouTube Channel!

I’m not a YouTuber.  You may not be either.  I have a channel that before today was in the name of my blog.  I used it to practice my video magic (there is none – exaggeration to make a point) and comment on other’s videos and sometimes during Google Hangout on Air presentations.  Only.  All videos there are private and unlisted.

How frustrating for YouTube to constantly ask me to change my channel name and connect it to my G+ profile.  That’s not what I wanted so ignored the insistent demand.

Now I realize that if I don’t make and accept the necessary changes, I am unable to properly comment and take part in a Hangout.  Yesterday, I was ask a question directly by the Hangout presenter and ask to answer in the comments.  The presenter thought I’d refused to answer.  Ugh!

Even if you’re not an active YouTuber but you have an account, you need to be aware of the consequences of not following whatever direction Google/YouTube is taking us.  Click on the image below to find out more.

I don’t like it but I found it necessary because I’m interested in Google Hangouts, how they work and want the information Hangouts offer.


Be sure to check all your settings and the channel is viewed as you wish.