The Intertextual Animal: A Conversation with David Amerland interviewed by Theodora Petkova

This is where I share with you two exceptional sources of inspiration of mine.  Teodora Petkova is one of my favorite writers.  

Although many of us who know them both think of David Amerland as the star because of his many interviews and books. Truth be known,  David thinks Teodora is brilliant and a deep thinker.  I usually trust Mr. Amerland’s judgment on these things and he happens to be right about Teodora.  I agree with him.  I could listen to David Amerland speak on most any subject and enjoy reading anything he writes because he moves me toward being a better me every time.  Teodora is much the same in her own distinguished way.

Technical difficulties aside, in this first of a series of interviews scheduled at The Intertextual Aminal, Teodora, with the help of another trusted advisor, Scott Scowcroft at The Scott Treatment powered through and delivered an interesting conversation very much worth a bit over 25 minutes of your time.  

This is the first of a series of eight interviews/discussions Teodora will present over the next few months.  I’ll be posting them here or you can subscribe to her Youtube channel, follow her website and subscribe to her newsletter.  All links listed below.  I hope you enjoy the wisdom in spite of the technical issues. 

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