The FB Purity Extension Could Be For You

This video is from a User 2 User Group I belong to – have for years.  It’s a rogue community that tries/challenges new ideas in communication, learning and sharing all things internet related.  That makes this community my go-to place when I don’t know something but need to know quickly.  This FB Purity series is […]

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Big Budget Music Soundtrack

If you’ve never watched or listened to music being composed for a movie soundtrack – watch this video. Is there a move? No, but you think there must be, somewhere, just waiting for this original composition. The Ebb and Flow of the talented Terry Leigh Britton’s imagination are soothing, dramatic, uplifting, toe-tapping and simply beautiful […]

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Original Music Composition on YouTube

One of my favorite things to do on a daily basis is listening to Terry Leigh Britton compose beautiful music – live – every day at 11:30 am Central. Yes, weekends too. His playlists on his YouTube Channel are developed into categories based on the type of music he composes that day. The one I’m […]

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