Your First Month on Google Plus – Martin Shervington Infographic

Easy to follow pictorial instructions for you first few weeks on Google Plus.  Martin Shervington keeps it simple.  Martin’s  Plus You Business Community is filled with tips to help you along your G+ journey.  Join and take advantage of the material.  Many beginners start here.

Google Plus is a different eco system.  There is a learning curve.  Don’t walk away from it.  Understand the Why of being there.  Learn the right way to use it first by listening to others, find your like-minded group and enjoy The Plus.  If you don’t know what to do yet, do nothing but the basics – complete your profile – and be patient.  Free and excellent tutorials by Martin himself are available at PYB.

From a share of this post on G+ read what Pepper Oldziey of Chapel Hill, NC, Peppergraphics Design Studio has to say.  These are words of wisdom.  A larger version of the infographic  is also on my Pinterest, here.  Questions about Google Plus and how to start?  Want to ask a question by phone – give me a call.  Some may need a guide – not a hand holder, just someone to ask a simple question.  I’ll be glad to help.  Best way to reach me for a private consultation,  email or phone.  Contact info on my G+ Profile About Page.

Click “Read More” on the Google Plus embedded post below to read Pepper’s complete statement of her share.

JoBarnesOnline G+ Quick Tip Video

This JBO Quick Tip video explains how to save interesting G+ post to read or share later.  This method will aggregate those posts you want to spend more time reading and then share with a thoughtful comment.

Not using Google+ yet?  Click HERE to learn more about Jo’s fantastic Google+ 2013 Course.  You know you want to learn more about Google Plus.   You know it’s important so learn from Jo Barnes,  The course if affordable and she gives you the information you’ll need for success.  Have a listen to the video, and then check out the course at JoBarnesOnline.

Search Feature in Facebook Groups

You may belong to a few Facebook Groups.  Do you use them or should you remove yourself from a particular Facebook group?  Check yourself.  While inside a group, go to the search feature –

FB Search Tool in Groups

Search your name:  This will show you how active/inactive you’ve been in the group; the last time you posted or commented and if you’re really interested in contributing.

FB Search Results

Click on each post to see who commented on your post and when.

Review your activity.  You may either decide to contribute more to receive the most from the group or, possibly, get out of the group to make room for your other interests.

Jo Barnes Online Social Media Vault

LinkedIn Marketing 2013I have personally benefited from watching Jo Barnes grow her business through education while at the same time sharing as she learns and grows.  It has been fascinating to observe.  As members, we agree it is worth the dollar investment and hours in training.

Jo Barnes Online is now producing quality courses with which I am proud to be affiliated.  The bar keeps rising and Jo keeps setting it higher.  Her 2013 course offerings and eBooks are fantastic.

Jo Barnes and her team have saved me mountains of time with her informative, always entertaining tutorials and courses. My overall learning curve was considerably shortened – which I desperately needed.  I do have a day job; as I assume most of you do as well. Social Web Learning has been a member of the Social Networking Academy – now JoBarnesOnline – since November 2011.

Click on the image above and go directly to the details of her LinkedIn 2013 course – just one example. If your interest is another platform, I’ll be writing about those soon as well.  Courses for Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are all covered with more to come.  

LinkedIn Marketing 2013 will help you understand how LinkedIn can help your business grow.  It’s not just a résumé site.  It is growing fast.  Is you business visible?  Does it stand out to your peers?

Read Jo’s free LinkedIn eBook. She shares knowledge from experience. You’ll be glad you invested the time.  Download your free eBook Here!

Today’s burning question: Is Lady Gaga following me back on Twitter?

How to find out if someone is following you back on Twitter

I was trying to determine if one of my colleagues was following me back on Twitter and ran across  Doesfollow offers a very simple interface that allows you to add Twitter handles to answer the question: Does _______ follow _____ ?

You just enter the twitter handles to get results like this:

doesfollow result

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