Scott Stratten’s “Worst Use of Social Media” post

Scott Stratten‘s January 10th post Worst Use of Social Media of 2012 and follow-up is a social media tutorial in real-time.  Read the entire article to learn how not to use social media and the results of doing it wrong.  In this particular case is it worth scanning the comments so you can understand the results fist hand.  Note:  my Atlanta news video link did not play well, but you will get the gist.

Boner’s BBQ – I swear it exist – had an unfortunate experience with a customer who reviewed the business on Yelp.  Boner’s (promise, real name) took to their Facebook page to air their opinions.  It hit the local news and now is somewhat viral.

Scott’s screen shot documentation is what makes this a good tutorial and a great post.  Read and learn both how Not to use social media and how to write and document a great post.


Worst Use of Social Media of 2012

NYDaily News: Boners BBQ in Georgia apologizes for blasting customer on Facebook