Review of the Pixel 3a xl and 3a by Scott Peachy

Stunning review of the new Google Pixel phones by my friend @scottPeachy at Technically Speaking.  I can always depend on Scott to work with the product before he gives it such a thorough review.  As he says in the video, he put the 3a XL through its paces for 6 weeks before the review.  And when Scott says he used it, he really, really put pressure on the phone.  Power user doesn’t begin to describe our Scott.

The price point is scary good as well.  Good enough, in fact, I’m ordering my husband one today.  He prefers a smaller phone and I believe the Pixel 3a will work perfectly for him.

Check out Scott’s review below and I encourage you to Like, Share and Subscribe to the Technically Speaking YouTube Channel.  So much to learn and Scott will help where he can.


For a while yet, I will end all my Technically Speaking posts with a shout out to our lost friend, Greg Root – The Bearded One – #TeamGreg.  Those who knew Greg understand why.  Those who missed that wonderful soul, I hope you have someone equally as important to you in your life.  He was a treasure to us all.  You will see why I say that if you watch him and Scott when you visit the YouTube Channel.

Friends are still contributing to his page to help his wife and 4 lovely children.  A Sudden and Tragic loss for the family for which there was no way to prepare.  Give if you can – most appreciated by us all.  We love and miss you, Greg.