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This may seem like a foreign language to many but I want to get your attention now so you’ll start to follow Google’s logic. Martin Shervington usually does not make predictions.  I consider this an announcement rather than a prediction.

In Martin’s blog post  The Google Review Revolution he explains the concept of Reviews in Google Search with graphics – easy read.  So it is worth your time to open the post and absorb – even if you don’t yet understand exactly what the point is right now.  Everything Google is a learning experience.  I can help so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

If you don’t have a properly completed G+ profile, get in touch with me, please. If you have a GMAIL account (email address), then you have a profile and it’s just sitting out there looking stupid unfinished. Fix that now if you don’t want to look ill-informed.

If you don’t have a G+ page, then you simply need to know about reviews so your Google Search experience will mean much more because you understand. The read is worth that alone.

The Google Review Revolution

When you search, more and more you will see review stars on the business or service listing results for the keyword you’ve searched.  If you’ve had great service from a particular listing in the search result, you may want to give them a review – now that you know the importance. This is not Yelp BTW.  This is Google Search so don’t confuse the two.

If someone searches for your business, they will see your stars/reviews or the lack thereof. I know this is true because I’ve recently established my real estate school page and I’m learning this new information at this moment!  I have no reviews at this writing 🙁

So I, like you, don’t have to really understand “the why” because as Martin says “it’s already happening”. I suggest you take a look and see what you need from this great post. Keeping up is hard but the cost of not knowing, at the very least that it’s happening, might affect your search experience and most importantly your business page experience.

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