Sheila Hensley

More will be spent on online ads than print ads in 2012

According to eMarketer, US spending on online advertising will exceed spending on print advertising for the first time in 2012, and the trend will continue as advertisers find more value online.  Online advertising  spending in 2012 is predicted at $39.5 Billion, compared to $33.8 Billion for all print advertising.  By 2016, the projection is  $62B […]

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RSS what?

Ever see this symbol before?  This post is not about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or how it works.  It’s about the the computer literate folks I encounter every day who are not utilizing the power of RSS feeds to simplify their lives. Unless owners of sites block their feeds, any website with dynamic (frequently updated […]

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Urgent – Purchase Now!

This information originated from my Google+ profile.  There I follow Chuck Wendig, “novelist, screen writer and penmonkey”  at – this is the home page but do not stop there.  The other pages/links are just as enjoyable.  Note:  Strong Language, he makes his point. I appreciate Chuck’s style.  His post on Google+ made me laugh and kept me laughing […]

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