Sheila Hensley


This Is What I Think …

It became clear to me that what I wanted from this blog was a place where I could offer my perspective and share information, knowledge and ideas from those I respect.  With the loss of a favorite profile, I also lost my ability and favorite place to opine on subjects, findings, and other author’s shared content.  I can’t tell you what the end result will look like and that is the exciting part.  This is mine.  I feel more at home, and therefore more free, on my own property so I made one. 

I invite you to come along on the ride with me and if you choose to contribute to the conversation in comments, I’m totally sure that your thoughts will enhance my enjoyment as well as yours and others.  



Banner Picture:  25th Anniversary of the Accredited Buyer Representative™ Designation – December 2018  Curtis Hall is standing with me in a sold out class at the Memphis Area Association of REALTORS®. Curtis Hall, is a fellow charter inductee of the Real Estate Buyers Council.