New Photography Friend from Norway

Swans, dock, and boats Copyright KarVo Norway

Safe swan area at a marina west of central Oslo

Sometimes we all wonder why communicating with people worldwide is important to us locally.  Has it become too much?  Do we waste our time?  Yes, we do.  Social media has become a time suck out of our lives keeping us from work and family where we need to be.  However, it’s not all bad; to the contrary.

Until a relationship, albeit virtual, develops with a few of those worldwide people we start to realize that we like them; we like how they present themselves as kind, helpful, and enjoy what they share. Their values are more like our own than even some family members.  Kindness is hard to maintain in our divided political atmosphere, but these people never mention politics or negatively offer their opinions.  We can feel their sincerity and kindness.  It is refreshing – we want to know more but hesitate to pursue them as our interest may seem a bit stalky.  

Such is my interest in an amateur photographer from Norway.  She posts pictures she takes from where she lives.  Those pictures are enjoyed by everyone in the stream. No one ever disagrees with her description of what she’s shared because those pictures make us happy.  Every time she posts, her followers are transported to that side of the world, and we all wish we could join her. They are always interesting, sometimes containing historical relevance, which makes the photos even more intriguing. Followers not only enjoy the beauty but learn as well.  It’s a lovely way to begin our day, no matter when we view her post. Sort of makes time zones irrelevant.  That’s always nice.

I wrote to her.  She knew my name and she knew where I stood because she’d read my posts.  Would she think me nuts for getting in touch?  No way to know until I contacted her.  I asked permission before I made contact which I believe is a kindness everyone enjoys.

My request was simple but probably not simple to her.  I wanted to use her photos on my social media banners.  The Swans had touched me when she originally posted them a couple of months ago.  So I ask specifically if she’d allow me to “use her beautiful swan pics” on my banners with attribution, of course.  Poor KarVo Norway which is her photographer title and will be on every pic.  She was, of course, gracious but wondered why.  A little shocked, she warmed to the idea and was hesitant but interested.  All understandable and I appreciate her hesitation. One can not be too careful today sharing on the internet.  “Sharing is caring”, the old saying in social media has become “be very careful what you share”. She and I know people who have had their lives turned upside down by hackers, political operatives and staffers, and news media publishing articles and trash as clickbait to generate viewers for advertisers so we know how devastating the simplest share can be if used improperly.  Neither of us wanted that!

So, you can enjoy the Swans here and on my banners in time..  The photographs will rotate but you can enjoy them while they are there.  I hope you love KarVo’s work as much as I do.  Thank you KarVo Norway for sharing this beauty with others on my blog.