Business Response to My Review

I’ve been a Local Guide – Google Maps for a long time.  I enjoy taking pictures of a really good dish and posting on Google Maps and I always hope it helps others.  From the statistics, it seems to do just that. 

However, I can’t remember ever getting a response back from a business in response to my review.  I may have but if I did they didn’t make it memorable for me.

Imagine my surprise when I open an email from Krystal thanking me for my review.  The review was routine, nothing spectacular, but they took the time to respond.  Impressed as I was, I couldn’t get over thinking of the expensive restaurants which didn’t even acknowledge a review and picture and compliments about service that I’d posted on their Maps page. Got to hand it to you, Krystal, your response made me feel heard and special.  Good on you for setting up a response system that acknowledges your customers!