It’s Friday. Doesn’t matter which one.

Fridays, I’ve come to realize, should be for catching up with those you meant to call/text and relaxing, doing what you want. If you do that, you’ll find Fridays to be your most productive day and most certainly your most enjoyable.

It is a day we look forward to because it’s the end of the work week. Anyone who spends time on the internet knows that’s not true. Therefore, we’ve lost our play day, our Casual Friday of yesteryear.

I say we take our Friday back. We own our lives now more than at any other time but if we’re spending that much time on the internet running our businesses, we don’t have weekends.  So, shall we take it back?

Things you can do to #TakeBackFriday

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— Dress as if you are going out where you’ll want to look nice.
— Go out to a location where it would be good to be seen.
— Listen to your favorite music – many do this already but don’t really listen. Yes, pay the bills, write those notes, schedule those meetings but do it while listening to beautiful music.

An Example of Mine:
— Delay answering emails or texts until after 3:00 pm. Nobody will die.
— Take an unscheduled walk to somewhere you’ve never been. Yup, just get up and go.
— Bake bread – I would love that … something I had to kneed removing the frustration of the week and enjoy the wonderful smell of baking.

Now it’s your turn. Choose something that you’ve been wanting to do and go do it. After all, Today is Your Day, Friday … all day long, yours.


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