Irritating Advertising

No wonder the increase in popularity of paid broadcast services like Netflix.

Pharmaceutical companies must inform us of all the symptoms that their new wonder drug will cure or the possible side effects of their newest designer/wonder drug. If only subconsciously, we ask ourselves if we have symptoms described in the slick commercial. 

Results of a Google search produced commercial time per hour from 11 minutes per hour on Network TV up to 15 minutes per hour on cable.  By far, according to a New York Times article by By Joanne Kaufman,

from December 2017, Big Pharma advertising is increasing, being ignored more or at the very least irritating the hell of those of us who just want an hour of downtime before hitting sleep-time. Excerpt from the above-referenced article:

“Swelling of legs, hands and feet; capillary leak syndrome; fever; muscle pain; unusual bruising; dizziness, blurry vision; rash; hives; blisters; nervous system and blood disorders; lymphoma; swollen tongue; dry mouth; weight gain; inability to fight infections; nausea, diarrhea; constipation; depression; dehydration; suicidal thoughts.

Oh, and death.”

These are just some of the side effects mentioned in television advertisements for prescription drugs.”

Have you ever wondered why those people who suffer from any number of horrible life-changing conditions look so good, smile more than you’d expect and generally have just the right person to support and care for them?  Please.  

I hate the disruption of my mental downtime.

Your options – all paid services:

According to (Google Search)
Sling TV
CBS All Access
PlayStation Vue
DirecTV Now

Youtube, of course.  Haven’t thought about using Youtube as your television watching service?  Do the research. You may find it to your liking.  I have a friend who loves it.

If you’re looking for a service that offers live TV and works across many devices, good ol’ Hulu might be for you.
Hulu. Hulu has over 40 channels and offers live TV, and can be used on many devices. …

And, we can’t forget in which I’m particularly interested.

This is simply a rant to make me feel better.  But it would be great if someone began a letter writing campaign to someone who’d get it and find an isolated place where Big Pharma (and they are just one industry) could advertising their brains out with extreme advertising – see how far they could go. Somewhere I wouldn’t have to pay a fee to get away from them. 🙂  I’ll just pay. 

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