My Hummingbird arrived!

I get excited when I know one of my purchases from the incomparable Heather Kraafter is on it’s way. This time was different. There is usually an overload of pomp and circumstance that makes anyone who knows me (husband in this case) sick to death of the artwork until it does arrive. Once he sees the artwork, then he gets it.

This time I forgot. It all happened in passing; I said I want that and Heather said it’s on it’s way. No ceremonial grandeur or ornate formality as I’d displayed before when awaiting the arrival of Heather’s great artwork. Until my husband saw Hummingbird, he was clueless that I was expecting anything.

Package with hummingbirdI received a chat message from Heather the day it was to arrive. As I was reading the chat message, my hubby walked in, “hey, this was on the front porch, you expecting something?”

He handed it to me and I realized it must be my Hummingbird, Yay!

I noticed immediately the large RED DREAM tape on the label. Classey, I thought. Above that I recognized her Thank You sticker asking me to scan the barcode to learn more about #KSontheGo – brilliant marketing, I thought.

That scan would have to wait. I wanted to see my Hummingbird.

Cardboard opened I found her society6 info card – oh good, I needed more of those – and a lovely Lily on heavy card stock signed and suitable for framing in it’s own right. Heather gives so much.

Society6 info card

Dream stickers on tissue wrappingAs I carefully opened the red tape and tissue she was reminding me once again to DREAM. Such an inspiring human.

She also included a personal note that I’ll treasure for all time.

Heather really believes I inspire her when, in fact, she influences and inspires me every time our paths cross.

Either I learn something from her or I’m given the joyous opportunity to witness and/or own her talent.

Heather’s original artwork is some of my most prized possessions.

I tried not to tear the tissue to no avail. I wanted to see my Hummingbird. And, here he is.

The Hummingbird
I’ll update everyone when I get him framed and ready for public viewing. Since you all were there when Heather made him on her Kraaft It Live shows, I thought you’d all enjoy me sharing part of his journey with you. He’s a beauty – he is indeed.

Hummingbird Framed

Hummingbird framed

Paula (framer extraordinaire) with Hummingbird, her finished matting and frame work.

Lily Framed

Lily framed

Both Hummingbird and the Lily will adorn my walls and give me pleasure and joy for a long time to come.

I just love getting new artwork from the incomparable Heather Kraafter.
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