Help When It's Needed! Affiliate Broker Course

I’m asked all the time “What do you do?”  I own a real estate school just doesn’t quite answer the question.  My students answer so much better.  Here is Jill’s story and her comments.

REALTOR® Jill Szakacs from GA moved to Memphis in May/June 2012.  She was required to complete the 30 Affiliate Broker course and pass the State Law portion of the state exam to practice real estate.

Jill called me for assistance.   We discussed her needs, made a plan and she registered for the required course, online at Real Estate Success Center.

She completed the course but failed the course final exam.  Since Jill is an experienced agent, we both knew it was the circumstances and not her lack of knowledge.  She admitted her aversion to test taking, so I advised her a bit and she passed the course exam with flying colors.  She was now ready to take the state law part of the exam.

Jill confidently scheduled her test and failed it by 2 points.  The household move, the move to a new real estate company, her feelings about test taking were all coming together like a perfect storm and holding her back.  She understood what happened, yet again.   Full of determination, she simply logged on to her PSI testing account to schedule a re-take the next day.

She discovered that there is a 24 hour wait before she could re-schedule.  She phoned the testing center to ask for help and was told that candidates must wait the 24 hours – those were the rules.  Jill was also told that the testing center would not offer that particular test again until mid-July.  Unacceptable!

Not quite in a panic yet, Jill took a chance and called me.  She should have called me immediately, but as any grown up would, she really tho

ught she could handle the problem without help.  Plus, she was a bit embarrassed to tell me she’d failed another test.  She didn’t know that I speak to people all the time that have failed or fear failing a real estate test.  Experienced agents with successful careers do fail real estate exams.  Yes, there is a secret to passing.  Yes, I know the secret.  When you need to know what it is, you’ll call.  You have to call me as it will never be reduced to written word. 🙂

Within an hour of her call (and after I’d placed a strategic phone call to the testing center), Jill was set up to test the next day at 5:30 pm.  Of course, she passed and was now on her way to making application at light speed.

Hear From Jill:

“I’ve been a real estate agent for 10 years in Georgia.  My husband and I decided to move to TN and I wanted to continue my chosen profession.  I thought it would be a simple process to just transfer my license.  When I found out there were 2 requirements before I could become licensed in TN, I got nervous.  As much knowledge and experience as I had, I still knew that test taking was not one of my strong points.

I truly believe in “Law of Attraction”.  I think that is what made me choose Sheila with Real Estate Success Center.  She was extremely helpful and walked me through the entire process of the 30 hours and the State Portion of the Real Estate Exam.

Had it not been for Sheila, I would still be waiting to take the State Exam next month!   I had 3 qualified prospective buyers ready to start their purchase process.  Thanks to her hard work and knowledge of the industry, I will have my license and be ready to work with these buyers in the time I would have waited to retake that test.  Thanks so much Sheila!

Jill did receive her license, and she is working with her buyers.  Congratulations, Jill.  Hard work pays off.

And, that’s part of what I do for a living.  I remove obstacles when possible.  I relieve the stress so agents can go forward and I help them reach their goals.

Leave a comment if you have an example where someone helped you navigate a stressful situation and you never forgot their help.