Grammarly! A Life Saver

Using Grammarly is a joy.  It saves time and worries.  If you don’t write for a living, you are rusty.  We all are and written communication whether during collaboration with colleagues or simply a comment on a post, we are judged poorly if we misspell a word, don’t complete a sentence or misuse a comma and/or capitalization.   Count the times you Google a word for correct spelling or proper tense only to then jump back to what you were composing.  Whether writing an email, a proposal, composing a blog post, text to a client or in my case a student, Grammarly helps me every day all day long right there in what I’m composing.  It is a great help to me and others who’ve told me they use it daily.

It’s been about a year now starting with the free version and I did upgrade to the premium version after a few weeks.  For me, it was so worth it.  As they say on their site “Mistake-free writing has never been easier.”  I’ve also requested an Affiliate so, if granted, the logo and link you may see on my site is an affiliate link.  Grammarly is one of the few apps I trust to help my reader’s write and communicate better.

My Weekly Writing Update tells me how I’m doing.  Here is a short video of the weekly report.

So give the free version a try and tell me if it works for you as well as it works for me.  I hope it does.  Please leave a comment if you are a Grammarly user now and if it helps you in your daily writing.


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