The FB Purity Extension Could Be For You

This video is from a User 2 User Group I belong to – have for years.  It’s a rogue community that tries/challenges new ideas in communication, learning and sharing all things internet related.  That makes this community my go-to place when I don’t know something but need to know quickly. 

This FB Purity series is based on an extension added to your browser (I use Chrome so determine if it works on yours.) The series lead by Andrew Hatchett who researched the extension, tried it and now reports his findings for members.  We’ll meet every Monday evening at 7 pm to further discuss, ask questions and find answers.

The video was recorded using Zoom and uploaded to YouTube (User2User Channel).  Attendees today are Andrew Hatchett, TN, Richard Clarkson, CA, Russ “Cousin Russ” Worthington of New Jersey and me.  I almost didn’t make it in time to participate. I’m so glad I did. 

I love these people.  We’ve been friends for a long time so when something new is introduced, it’s pretty much a must be there live kind of thing.

 So, do you dislike or don’t use Facebook because it’s become so messy and too much of a non-stop circus.  I say in the video that I hadn’t touched Facebook in 3 years.  That was incorrect.  It’s been much longer.  I’m embarrassed that I’m considering going back. Were it not for this new information, I would not be returning.  But I’m a zealot.  I have very strong objections to Facebook’s use of personal information.

Enter FB Purity and what it can do.  Watch the video to get an idea of what it does and if it might benefit you.  Andrew and Russ do a great job explaining how to turn your Facebook profile or page into something You want.