Ever Wonder What I Do All Day?

Update:  This community has moved to Discord due to the sunsetting of Google Plus.


Well, not actually all day but during the User2UserLive! meeting every morning we gather to check out our equipment, ask questions about something we’re working on and are stuck for some reason – we show up for help and to solve problems.

This particular day Richard – bottom of the monitor had a new phone and we were testing.  Wondering if my phone would do it, I chimed in.  Andrew – upper left, owner and moderator of the Google Community doesn’t have the problem so he poses as Richard and I experiment and discuss.

And, yes, we did figure it out.  With good fun, great friends and excellent detective work, we know something now that we didn’t know when we logged in to the U2U Zoom meeting.  

Yes, Zoom.  A platform we use to meet online and learn.  Want to know more.  Ask me.  Better yet, join the U2U Community and learn about everything we talk about. 😀  It is a public community so anyone can join but you must request to enter and complete a form.  Worth it!

Check out the Welcome Video for the Community with Michael Daniels.