Email Marketing Faux Pas

This email from Hootsuite, to me as a subscriber, is an example of how email marketing is done right. It has all the ingredients of good communication. I read all the information with interest. I am a follower and will attend. Love Dan Zarrella and his presentation style – fast and furious. I won’t miss one of his Science of . . . webinars. The Science of Inbound Marketing will be the largest webinar ever. This is not bragging when you can do it and they can.

The entire email structure should be studied as the way to do it . . . except . . . for this one glaring mistake that would turn people off if they don’t already – like me – trust the source.
how to win a guy

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My first thought: From this organization – somebody will be fired!  See full email here.

My second: Dear heavens allow my email recipients to forgive me and overlook a mistake like this when (not if) it happens to me. Such a small mistake, yet such a huge reflection on the sender.

Hello *|FNAME|* is unacceptable but mistakes happen.   Please remember to forgive and go forward. Rules say that you check and double-check, proof read and do many tests before sending out email marketing pieces. They have a bad enough reputation as it stands and yet statistics tell us that every business should be using email marketing. We must be as careful and responsible as we can while knowing it can happen. What would you do if the happened to you or your company?