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Are Facebook Ads Missing Your Target Audience? by Joe Spake

In his latest blog post, Joe Spake, co-founder of Social Web Learning makes very interesting points about Facebook pages News Feed reach.  He’s asking if Facebook is missing your fan base when Facebook decides who of your followers/fans sees your status updates on your page. After watching the video  Facebook Fraud, Joe checked his stats to […]

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Today’s burning question: Is Lady Gaga following me back on Twitter?

How to find out if someone is following you back on Twitter I was trying to determine if one of my colleagues was following me back on Twitter and ran across Doesfollow.com.  Doesfollow offers a very simple interface that allows you to add Twitter handles to answer the question: Does _______ follow _____ ? You […]

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Share Flickr photos to Pinterest with attribution

    If you like Flickr for archiving your photos and for exploring the work of other photographers, both amateur and professional, AND if you love Pinterest, here’s some good news.  Flickr has added a share button to share directly to Pinterest, and the deal struck between the company retains attribution for photos pinned.  AG […]

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