Original Music Composition on YouTube

One of my favorite things to do on a daily basis is listening to Terry Leigh Britton compose beautiful music – live – every day at 11:30 am Central. Yes, weekends too.

His playlists on his YouTube Channel are developed into categories based on the type of music he composes that day. The one I’m sharing from today is Music With Words and Pictures.

Notice the floating image of the artist as he controls multiple keyboards.  Fascinating.

The pictures shown during this episode are by “The Maestro’s” longtime friend Trisa Fairchild and add so much to your listening pleasure.

I’ve never experienced a combination of images coupled with originally composed music. It’s a natural combination for enjoyment and relaxation in this particular episode.

In my opinion, this is a sterling example of learning to use a natural talent, music composition, in conjunction with another natural talent, photography, producing a most enjoyable result for social media distribution on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you do, consider Subscribing and click the reminder bell so you won’t miss Terry daily. Sharing it out to your friends and family is also much appreciated by the artist as well.

To see more from Trisa Fairchild Life is Photography on Facebook

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My Hummingbird arrived!

I get excited when I know one of my purchases from the incomparable Heather Kraafter is on it’s way. This time was different. There is usually an overload of pomp and circumstance that makes anyone who knows me (husband in this case) sick to death of the artwork until it does arrive. Once he sees the artwork, then he gets it.

This time I forgot. It all happened in passing; I said I want that and Heather said it’s on it’s way. No ceremonial grandeur or ornate formality as I’d displayed before when awaiting the arrival of Heather’s great artwork. Until my husband saw Hummingbird, he was clueless that I was expecting anything.

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Sarah Hill’s “5 Reasons to Teach Customers to Dial the Video Phone”

This is such a great article Sarah Hill from Veterans United put together.  I’ve shared in on Google Plus but just re-read the full article again.  Makes so much sense for your office staff (or you as an individual owner) to know this.

Excerpt from her article:
Sarah Hill articleCan you SEE me now? Sadly for many customers calling businesses, the answer is no. Right now, your customers have the ability to video call your business. But most businesses don’t know how to answer the video phone, so this is what the customer sees: a black screen. Here are 5 reasons why your brand might want to learn to dial and answer the video phone.”

Read the full article to get the 5 Reasons here: 5 Reasons to Teach Customers to Dial the Video Phone

Read more from Sarah Hill on her blog at seemehuman.com and on Google Plus, and watch for her video interviews representing Veterans United