A Member’s Review of The Tech Byte

New TTB logoFunkimSince I first heard Kim Wood present a webinar at then Amy’s Chorew’s Tech Byte, I’ve wanted her to teach my student’s about real estate technology.  There aren’t many sessions where Kim presents that I do not attend.  I was more impressed with her knowledge and competent presentation style each time I attended.  Still today,  I learn something every time I’m with her group.

Way back then, I would not miss the once a month, free, open call ins for non-members and encouraged all my students to do the same.  I paid for everything I attended so I can say with authority that Google Camp, Blogging Camp and both eSummits are worth the professional investment.  I have not attended Linda Davis’ Facebook Camp due to scheduling difficulties, but I plan to go back and pick it up On Demand or attend the next Linda schedules.  Reports from attendees are rave reviews.

Disclosure: 1) Real Estate Success Center is an affiliate of The Tech Byte. If you purchase from them using a link from my site(s), I will receive money. 2) I am honored to sit on The Tech Byte Board and I maintain a close working relationship with the owners.

Fast forward to today.  Kim now owns The Tech Byte and the membership offering is a completely updated platform.  There is more, different and updated content and more on it’s way.   It’s a great time to join and a very affordable resource.

Here’s an example of what I enjoy on a monthly basis.  Much of this began recently so I’m giving you the member experience here.

Quick Byte

Quick Bytes for Club Members Only! A quick read, offering you App Reviews, Tips, and Information.  I receive these valuable tips via email, weekly.  That which is not implemented immediately, I save for quick reference.  But remember,  they are always available at The Tech Byte website under member login.

Open Call in email

Open Call In email reminders.  These are lively discussions where everyone brings a problem, asks a question and others listen – 15 minutes devoted to each person, then we move on.  I’ve picked up tips from other’s questions that I would have never thought to ask.  We get to know each other on the calls.  Kim or Linda share their screen and we go live to what we’re talking about.  These ladies know their stuff; are seldom stumped and navigate a question each 15 minutes and they never know what’s coming next.  It is a fabulous learning environment.  We are all free to ask what we believe are dumb questions which turn into valuable information for everyone on the call.

The Newsletter.   Have a Byte of the Latest.

Snipit of NewsletterThe Newsletter is filled with reviews, tech tips and our club Event schedule.  Linda Davis reviews her latest find and Kim offers tips.  I’ve found the Newsletter to be especially beneficial to me personally.  When I receive it, I mark my calendar that day with every Event scheduled and copy tips I want to remember.  Again, its things you don’t think of on your own while conducting your daily business.  Membership in The Tech Byte saves you precious time.  Linda and Kim stay on top of real estate technology for you and are prepared to answer questions or help find the answers.

The first Virtual Roundtable was in March.  It was fantastic.  Kim brought two experienced people together and let them go.  Knowledge and experience streamed for a full hour.  No BS; fact and actual experience with video was shared with a large group.  No interruptions and Kim kept it going – no lulls in this presentation

Virtual Round TableNext Club Member Event is April 13th.

Tech Byte Latest and Greatest

To join The Tech Byte, here’s my affiliate link to the site.  Visit and look around to see what else they have to offer.

Even if you don’t join, please take advantage of the open information available to you on the site.  It is a phenomenal resource. Both the free and member only content is beneficial to me personally and in my business.

Come join us!